The 21st century is an exciting time; but it is also a challenging time. Each of us is in a constant journey to seek solace in this modern, fast-pace culture of perpetual intrusions and distractions. We believe in the transforming power of music and we are determined to celebrate this art form. Although this characteristic has become increasingly crippled in recent times, we are ever more determined to both rekindle our love for, and to celebrate this art form. It is the music of the soul, and perhaps even more powerfully so than poetry. Its intimacy and emotional honesty transports us to a different state and inspires the world around us. That is why we love it and we always want more.

Every young musician faces a multitude of difficulties in this highly demanding and competitive field. Prospect for success is in constant flux; although hard work, having exceptional talent and training are crucial, it is not always enough. One of the biggest challenges is finding the opportunity of being heard and appreciated. The Toronto International Piano Competition was created with this objective in our mind, offering extraordinary musicians of all nationalities the opportunity of sharing their artistry. Being active concert pianists ourselves, we have first-hand experience in this endeavor, and can wholly empathize with the steep slopes that every aspiring musician must endure. We have dedicated to create a professional, international arena to allow young, talented pianists to render their artistic visions to the best of their abilities, and to promote world-class excellence in the art of pianism.



The Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto (CCC) is an integral part of the Scarborough Community Complex situated at Sheppard and Progress Avenues.  It includes the main building in Phase I and a multipurpose hall/performing art theatre in Phase II.  A classical Chinese garden, a joint venture with the City of Toronto, will be built later.

The 23,000 square-foot Chinese Cultural Centre consists of a resource centre, a reception hall, an art gallery, a number of studios for arts and crafts, conference rooms, and other supportive facilities.

In 2006 a $17 million Phase II, theatre and a Multi-purpose Hall was added. The P.C. Ho Theatre is designed technically and acoustically for concerts and performing arts with a seating capacity of 626. The 8,500 sq. ft. Multipurpose Hall is a general purpose hall that renders itself for a variety of events from trade shows, banquets, health and job fairs, social events and indoor sports. The Centre hosts annual festive events and tournaments on regular basis, and weekly cultural and educational programmes. It has been providing services to a cross-section of ethno-cultural groups in GTA.  The Centre is one of the most technologically advanced cultural centres in North America.


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